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Organisation Roles

The organisation must select which role it wishes to take as part of the MiQ Program.

Account Holder

An Account Holder holds Trading Accounts and Retirement Accounts within the Registry. An Account Holder can hold MiQ Certificates, transfer them to other Account Holders' Trading Accounts, and retire them.


A Registrant is, or is contracted to, the owner of a Facility. Registrants register Facilities and make Issue Requests for MiQ Certificates in relation to a Facility.

Auditing Body

Auditing Bodies audit Facilities that have been registered.

Platform Operator

A Platform Operator holds special types of Trade and Retirement Accounts. Designed to facilitate the trading of certificates within a third party Marketplace system.

Please note

The same organisation can elect to be both Registrant and Account Holder. If this is the case, please select both 'Account Holder' and 'Registrant' in the dropdown box below.

An organisation applying as an Auditing Body cannot have any other role in the MiQ Program (i.e., cannot also be a Registrant or Account Holder).

Select the role your organisation will hold.

Primary User Details

The Primary User is your organisation's main user account to access the MiQ Registry. Once registered, the Primary User is able to create additional user accounts that can access the MiQ Registry. This is also the main contact person that will be contacted by the MiQ Registry in respect of this application and for any other matters following successful registration.

First name of the primary user and main contact person for the organisation.
Surname of the primary user and main contact person for the organisation.
Telephone number of the primary user and main contact person for the organisation, including country code.
This will be the email address used to log in. An email address can only be used once across Evident's services.

Organisation Details

General information about your organisation

The following information will be held for your organisation in the Registry.

Full name of the legal entity being registered.
Registered address of the legal entity being registered.
Postcode, zip code or equivalent.
Corporate website address.
Organisation ID of the legal entity being registered and the name or location of the relevant state/national corporate register (e.g., SEC, Wyoming or UK).
Year organisaton was incorporated at the relevant state/national business registry.
e.g. Limited Company, LLC, SA or equivalent.

Supplementary information about your organisation

The following information will be used to confirm that your organisation meets the eligibility criteria to operate on the MiQ Registry. This information will be used only for the MiQ Registry's Know Your Customer checks.

A comma-separated list of all the main shareholders of the organisation. The list must include all shareholders with significant decision-making power - that is, owning more than 10% of the organisation's shares. If not available, a description of the shareholding structure must be provided.
Select the countries in which your organisation operates.

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